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Real Fitness For Women

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I am really into fitness and keeping myself healthy. Being a type 1 diabetic I take my health serious, between diet 'clean eating' (a word i'm sick of hearing ) and fitness this is how I keep things under control. Although I take really good care of my diabetes health, I still have those unavoidable 'sick' days where I feel exhausted from the toll diabetes has on the body.

The best stress reliever and blood sugar controller is my fitness routine, alot of the time I will feel too tired after a very long day on my feet running around on the retail floor and the heavy lifting feeling like I had my workout for the day and just want to relax and do nothing at all, but I force myself to get off my butt, or just go for a run before stepping foot in the door after work, or it more than likely just won't happen, and then the following days I can feel my health declining and blood sugar rising.

My favorite things that motivate me and keep me going: Classic hard rock music on my mp3 player, running or jumping rope(killer on my knees so I mostly jump on a rebounder instead like I would if using a jump rope on the ground), Oxygen Magazine and M&F Hers magazine, and sometimes Bodybuilding.com, though I am not a bodybuilder!

M&F Hers is the female friendly version of the original men's Muscle & Fitness magazine. You will find serious and real no pink bunny fluff workouts in here, so if that is what you are looking for, then Shape magazine may be more your style, (nothing against Shape magazine, I read that one too) M&F Hers is for the woman that is not afraid to work out along side the boys, or even try some of the tougher man style weight lifting techniques, Oxygen magazine is the same in that area.

I have come across military style workouts for women actually designed by a female soldier based on the type of workouts that are done in the military.

Also unlike Shape magazine and alot of other women's fitness magazines M&F Hers like Oxygen uses real athletic toned women who work hard for the bodies shown in the magazine, not teen-something skinny models, so I find this very motivating and encouraging for me in my workouts.

There is also some really great meal plans and recipes in this magazine, along with health information.

If you are looking to start a weight lifting program and are not sure what to do or where to start, this is the magazine to pick up!