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Real Self Esteem Now! C Ds

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I don't know if I chose the right category for this product. It is a motivational product, but they are CDs, not books.

ThinkRightNow.com is a website created by Mike Brescia. He wanted to offer products to people that would help to motivate them and put them in a better place in life. After doing some reading about his products, I decided to try a program. I chose Real Self-Esteem Now! because at the time I purchased this product, I felt that my self-esteem could use a little push in the right direction.

My program offers two CDs consisting of statements that are repeated a number of times, with music in the background. It is not subliminal. You clearly hear what is being said. The program starts off with a relaxation session, then the statements kick in. Some of the statements are: "I release and forgive those who dislike me", I choose the right words in every situation", "I do things right the first time", and many other statements of a very positive nature. There are two CDs, and it takes about two hours to complete the program.

These statements do condition your mind to look at yourself in a totally different way. You are washing your mind in positive remarks which will make you feel more confident and happy with yourself. When I ordered this program, I received a bonus CD titled "Instant Motivation", which was a nice added benefit. I also received all of the statements typed out, so that I can even read along as I am listening to my CDs. I gave the category Complexity a zero, because there is nothing complex about these CDs. You just listen to them and let them do their magic. I think you can also get cassettes, but CDs work out great for me.

ThinkRightNow offers many different programs, such as anger management, better health, becoming better at sales, overcoming social anxiety, infinite joy, supreme confidence, and more.

I find myself feeling so much better about life in general when I listen to these CDs. If I don't listen to them for a while, I can actually feel the difference. Nagging fears and doubts start to come back, negativity starts to take over. These CDs do really help to keep all of that at bay, because you are flooding your mind with positive reinforcement that is bound to help you see things differently and feel differently as a result. You are conditioning your mind to think the way it should for optimum benefit.

These CDs can even be played when you are falling asleep, because the positive reinforcement will still sink into your mind. I have found the program to be of great benefit, and I intend to pick up a few more programs in the future.

If you have any problems that you are trying to overcome, check out ThinkRightNow.com and see if they have a program that will benefit you. It really does work.