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Reality Female Condom

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Reality female condoms are polyurothane condoms that are made to fit inside the woman, instead of going over top of the man. So it's a condom that sits inside the woman...although it may take a minute or so to warm up to the right temperature so it feels...warmer and nicer.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to these and they are fairly different from regular condoms. First off, they are made of polyurothane...so if you have a latex allergy, these are great. Polyurothane does feel different and less elastic than latex so you will notice a difference. They also don't smell or taste...so that's a plus over latex.

The condoms are somewhat awkward to put on the first time (I guess the same is true for the male condom) and there is a large and a small ring to the condom: the small ring is inserted deep into the vagina and rotated so it it covers the cervix. The large ring sits outside the female and keeps in from getting stuffed up inside here. Putting it on is fairly easy to accomplish...basically, you stick it in. It's not rocket science.

Unlike regular condoms, you don't have to stay rock hard during this process so I personally find it way less stressful to use. Then you can kiss, caress, get hard at your leasure and go in when it feels right, not rushing anything artifically.

Now the first thing you'll notice is the condom extends outside of the woman and is quite noticeable. It is clear, but it ain't normally there. It kinda looks like a plastic bag sticking out. Now this could be considered an advantage as the female condom covers far more surface area than regular condoms and completely prevents all skin to skin genital contact. So if there is a presence of any STDs/STIs that are transmitted through genital contact instead of fluids (such as viruses like HPV, herpes or genital warts and the granddaddy of must avoids: AIDS/HIV) then this WILL protect you far better than traditional condoms.

Now there are far better advantages than this, however. First off, is feel. For guys, these condoms FEEL WAY BETTER. Being a guy, I'm not a huge fan of the feel of most condoms. As esssesntial as they are, I do wish they weren't required at all because it just plain doesn't feel as good as no condom. But female condoms feel far closer to unprotected sex. If you are inclined to having erectile difficulties with regular condoms, this won't be an issue with female condoms. I won't say it feels exactly the same as normal sex, but the sliding motion and overal feel is much more pleasant and feels, well, awesome. It's much easier to 'feel your way in' and penetrate her...and as a result, the motions also feel way more natural --so shagging is better and I feel better able to perform as well, because I can feel everything really well.

If you're not a fan of regular condoms because of the limited sensation, you have to try female condoms...they are way way better and the best option for feel while still having protected sex.

Of course, there is a downside. The women I've been with now get what us guys have been saying about condoms reducing feel. I'd say about 2 out of 3 women commented that they really noticed a reduction in sensation and said they preferred standard condoms. Yeah, I know what you mean!

Ok, what else, oral sex. Hmmmm...again, awesome for the guy, not so great with this for the girl. Going down on a pussy shielded by a female condom is like going down on a plastic bag. Again, you're fully protected...but I just can't get into that as, well, eating out is one of my favorite things. You can use a dental dam if you want...but nobody uses those either because it takes so much away from the sensual pleasures -- like taste and feeling her wetness in your mouth--- and replaces it with polyurothane. Yup, 'nuff said.

However, oral sex for the guy ...means I can pull out, get a fast blow job and go back in seemlessly. It's way better and doesn't involve removing and reapplying condoms...just the good stuff. So for a guy, again, it's way way better.

One major disadvantage is for women who ejactulate regularly. (It always surprises me how many people don't know about this as it's seems so utterly common that I'm more surprised that a girl doesn't squirt.) Well, if you feel like squirting out a cup of clear, yummy fluid...now you have a barrier in place, right over your cervix even, so that makes things more than a little awkward. Specifically, I've noticed a look on the girl's face like, I want to cum, but I can't because something is there. Again, not as good for the girl. And since this probably effects 1/2 to 3/4 of girls...well, you might have some unsatisfired customers unless you pull it out afterwards -- but then you can get all of that pent up goodness all at once. Which I certainly don't mind.

Ok, there are some other major advantages that need discussing. First off, is length of use. This may not be recommended, but I've done it lots of times and seems to work really well: Once putting the female condom in, it's good for 8 hours. So you can have sex several times while leaving it in...which greatly adds to spontineity. As long as you don't ejaculate in the the condom, it's all good. If you do, then you should probably change it becuase you don't want to risk pregnacy. However, I usually like to cum a couple of times outside and save the last one for inside her. Which seems to work really really well. Especially if you're having a 'naked day' and want to be able to do it as soon as the mood strikes. This advantage is huge and shouldn't be overlooked.

Lube: add some silicon lube (like ID Millennium) or O'My and you're female condom is good to go for hours. Seriously, not being exposed to air, these stay lubed forever and almost seem self lubricating just like the real thing.

And my favorite, although this may not apply to you :( ...threesomes! Use two female condoms (one per girl) and all of a sudden you can freely switch back and forth between girls anytime you want! No cumbersome switching condoms each time you switch girls --which is fantastic! It feels free and spontaneous --and I'm quite sure that everybody has far more fun. Regular condoms can really put a damper on the mood because it is essential to switch condoms each time you switch girls to keep everybody safe and this also avoids transferring things like yeast infectections between partners. Now dating two cranky girls who both have yeast infections may sound like fun, but trust me, it's not sexy. Now using female condoms, you just plain don't have to worry about a thing and can just enjoy yourself! Keep your partners safe and healthy and use a couple of female condoms in this situation. Again, for the guy, oral sex is right on! But for the girls, another major disadvantage as oral sex for them really suffers.

And finally, I'll end with an unfortunate reality about reality female condoms...they are both hard to find and expensive. They cost about $6 each...which maybe why I like make the most of them and leave them in for awhile (which they can actually do, unlike regular condoms)...but a word of caution...don't mention a hesitation to use one for a quickie because they cost $6 each. The outraged response I got? "So I'm not worth $6 to you????" Whoops!

But overal, I'd say the advantages outweigh the price and if you have sex more than once, it's just $3 per


-no smell or taste

-easier to put on (doesn't require a hardon)

-allows for more spontaneous penetration based more on the moment

-superior protection from STDs/STIs...far better protection than regular condoms.

-far superior, natural feeling sex for men

-allows for better oral sex during regular intercourse (no condom on for BJs)

-holds lube very well and doesn't require nearly as much lube.

-way less problems with erections as everything seems much more natural

-functions as a built in dental dam for female oral sex

-fantastic for 3-somes and natural switching between female partners

-can be used repeateded over 8 hours without reinsertion


-looks kinda weird

-female has less feeling during sex (physical, not emotional!!!)

-not good for oral sex on the woman

-woman can't ejactulate as easily

-expensive at $6 each