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Really Great Phone, Highly Recommended.

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Alejandra Yaya By Alejandra Yaya on
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I got this phone about 3 months ago and am very satisfied with it. Its a perfect little flip phone that is super easy to use.

Greatest perks:

Since I'm a huge texter, the thing I love the most is its QWERTY keyboard and and all the buttons on the inside. It did, however, take me a few weeks to get used to the location of the symbol and caps buttons. I'm a very adept texter, but for some reason, I always hit the wrong button, so I would get a symbol instead of a capital letter, or vice versa. But I'm almost completely adept at it now.

Another thing I love is the alarm. I use it every morning, and the lowest sound setting is just perfect for waking me up. And the best part is, as soon as you pick it up and touch any button, the sound immediately goes off. Great for lazy, late risers like me. It also automatically acts as a snooze if you don't disable it, so you'll get re-awoken in 5 minutes, which is also really helpful.

And as far as the keys on the outside go, I have had no issue's with them calling or doing anything while in my pocket or purse. It features an automatic locking that starts after just a few seconds, so you never have to worry about making unwanted calls.

I've also found that the battery life is amazing. I don't make that many calls each day, but I text quite often, and its lasted me as long as a week on a single charge. Another nice feature is that the battery is very secure in the phone itself. I've had other phones of the same type, but when I accidentally dropped them, the battery cover and battery would fly out and go all over the place. I haven't dropped this one very much yet, but the battery has never come lose or out. So thats definitely a good sign.

Where it could be improved:

The camera is really good quality, however, it makes a really obnoxious clicking noise whenever you take a picture. There is no way to turn it down or change it, even when the phone is on silent. So it makes taking pictures discretely, or in quiet settings, very hard.

Another thing it doesn't feature is a very extensive menu from the outside. It only has about 5 options for the menu from there, so you'll need to open it to see the extent of everything. The most annoying part of this for me personally is that while you can create messages, there's no way to see your sent box from the outside. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have.


Its a really great phone, and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy texting frequently and extensively.