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Really. Who Knew?

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Ok, by now we should know this humble "would be read" shops/procures on the cheap.

Except when it comes to the food, and what comes in direct contact with it.

Knives, uties, pans, pots etc...

Well, being an avid grill miser;-), often, flame is a next of kin. Which brings me to fuel.

After all what is fire but what it burns? A long time user of that red, white and blue bagged product with Mr. Cleaver pictured on the front, I've rarely deviated short of custom charcoal or emergency acquisitions ("YOU" didn't bring the charcoal!?!?).

Change has come...

Recent belt tightening (anybody got a hole punch?) has rallied the "No food without taste" Puritan in me.

Oh, yeah, the review... Sorry.

"Sam's" is rarely MY choice.


With a recent addition to my pyrophernalia (a grill;-) I was on the hunt for some un-leaded briquets to be fired up with my trusty chimney starter (http://sharedreviews.com/r/38551-mr-bar-b_que-chimeny-starter) for the meager offerings in my pockets.

The 18lb. bag that found it's way home soon provided an unexpected delight. I do love a good fire. Huge pieces, quick catching, even burning, long lasting is the nut shell here.

I was surprised!

Now, something I never do, reuse the remnants, but good help being hard to find... I delegated the next fire up to a helper. Sockamagee! What to the naked eye was a Pompeian like pile of pre-shaped ash was actually a surprisingly remaining (per piece) amount of charcoal.

Even so, I most likely wouldn't have used it, but... the die being caste and all. Result was a cloning of the 1st glowing bed. Perfect! Shape and size aside, I couldn't tell the pieces apart.

I got misty.

Sam's has a redeeming bunk in my BBQ barracks.

So spend your money on some quality foil for veg pouches and rest assured in having a dependable hearth for those ribs and bratts.

Note: At bag's end (today?) I will have grilled/smoked 6 meals with this one purchase.

Not too shabby.

Fire ‘er up!