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Rear View Mirror By Cindy Callinsky

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Summer Banks By Summer Banks on
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When I was approached recently by author Cindy Callinsky to read her autobiography Rear View Mirror, I had no idea the effects it would have on me personally. Through lives lived, loves lost, and challenges mastered, author Cindy Callinsky tackles the hardest treasure of human life, struggle, and wins.

Rear View Mirror is Callinsky's first novel and you can certainly tell. The untainted nature of the novel grabs you from the first sentences and carries you graciously through the roller coaster ride of the author's life. Some may find the clear grammatical deficiencies a hindrance, but, I found them extremely endearing. Told in the first person with real words in what I call "human speak", the author allows the reader to embrace the characters as friends not simply as written names on a page. Though this tactic may not have been deliberate, it certainly adds to the novels appeal. Along with grammatical genius comes fluid movement. I felt certain upon beginning this novel to find transitional breaks and uncomfortable chapter bridging. Contrary to my certainty, Callinsky rendered the chronological events of the story with the talent of a seasoned author. The read is smooth and unfaltering. Every idea cleanly leads into the next line, paragraph, page and chapter. Superb!