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Reasons To Purchase A Runescape Membership Account

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By Luke Burke on
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In this article, i will be giving a short review on the "membership" version of the extremely popular online game Runescape from Jagex ltd. the game is set in a mythical medieval land called "runescape" which is controlled by three major gods "Zamarok" "Sarodomin" and "guthix". there is no main story to the game, however, there are hundreds of rather lengthy quests to complete throughout your career as an adventurer, and even more items to collect. the game includes a "grande exhange" system which lets players buy and sell items to any other player who requests it.

the free version of this game is large enough and provides nearly 10 hours of "legitimate" gameplay and no download (the game is browser based". however, you may only collect less than half of the weapons and amour and only a quarter of any other items, like foods, potions, and anything else. also, in the free version your skills are reduced (for example, the fishing skill has much less fish to catch in the free version) and some skills are even left out, this has a large impact on the gameplay as most players will spend the entire time evolving there skills and trying to maximize them. the combat skills in the free version (attack, strength, defense, ranged, and magic) all end at about level 40. you can still maximize them up to level 99, but you no longer obtain achievements past level 40. also, the number of quests is reduced to 20, which is about 7+ hours of gameplay. in the membership version you get 160+ quests and endless hours of gameplay. finally, one of the largest impacts of the memebrship version is that the world size is nearly 3 times larger, which is extremely large.

the membership version of the game is aimed at higher level characters (55+ is what i recommend) however, it is much easier to level up in the membership version than the free version, id say, from experience, it is about 4 times faster.

all in all, i believe that for the 5.99ca price you pay monthly for the membership (you can cancel at anytime and still receive membership features until the end of the month) is extremely well worth it and anyone who enjoys the game should get it.

ps. DO NOT BUY THE MEMBERSHIP is you have any type of social life, i swear to god its like they lace this game with cocaine, its the most addictive thing ever. :)