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Recommended By Dermatologists

Reviewing: Galderma Laboratories, L.P Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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When my daughter's dad brought her to the dermatologist, the doctor said there is nothing we can do with her skin. It is just the way it is. She is itching all over that before she sleeps she always request me to scratch her back. There are several times I will catch her scratching like a cat in a post, the wall or any rough surface. She would rub her back vigorously thereby she developed some dermabrasions and lisions in her skin. The best option is to apply a special moisturizer that was concocted by the dermatologist himself and a Cetaphil for a soap.

Cetaphil is expensive and I have yet to prove its worth. However I have bathed my daughter using this soap and somehow, the after effects of her bathing using the cetaphil is promising.

I had an officemate once and she has this really chronic acne all over her face. Her dermatologist prescribed her Cetaphil. I would often see her rubbing her face with Cetaphil moisturizer whilst in her desk. When I happen to go to the powder room, I will see her washing her face with a Cetaphil Cleansing Bar. Somehow her hard work and spending spree with Cetaphil has paid off. Her acne have lessened in time and they are not as red as it was anymore. she did not really attain a smooth skin but somehow her acne is less obvious than it was then and the color became somewhat dull brown compared to the bright blood red that it was.

In short, I have high hopes that Cetaphil will lessen my daughter's itching and scratching. I would often get hurt when she cries because she wants her itch scratched real hard and I am not willing to do it because it will only worsen the itch.