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Reviewing: Ace Gold Ultra Sheer Knee Highs Light Compression 8 15 Mm Hg  |  Rating:
Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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About a year ago, my rheumatologist said that he was a little worried about my edema (water in the tissues) of my legs and ankles. He checks it every time by pushing the skin down onto the shin bone. If it leaves a mark, then there is edema. I have had some edema since I became ill with my disease. It is caused by a combination of my kidney failure and medication.

He suggested that I find some compression stockings to wear. So I did it last year until summer hit. As you probably can guess, it gets really hot in the summer in Nevada. Some times the temperature can get up to 105 degrees F. Well, he gave me that look that doctors give to their recalcitrant patients and told me that I needed to keep wearing the stockings.

So yes, I am wearing them this winter again. They are a little tighter than normal panty-hose. I use a large stocking because my feet are 9W. But at 5 ft 8 in. the feet really keep me in balance. According to the box, these stockings can be used for "tired and aching legs, mild varicose veins, and poor circulation."

For me they do keep the edema down. It is not the type of thing that you can quit doing though. It must be worn until I am cured or I can get off the medication. Neither circumstances are likely to happen. Oh well, except for the heat, these stockings are comfortable.