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Red Alert 3

Reviewing: Ea Games Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3  |  Rating:
By robertmarmet1 on
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After playing the original Red Alert and Red Alert 2. I was thrilled to hear a new Red Alert games has come out to add to the Red Alert RTS series. The setting of this immense story takes place in an alternate history of the Cold War. In the story the Cold War heated up and the Allies and Soviets have begun fighting. The Soviet Union loses and in the ruins of their country they create a time machine and go back in time to kill the man who helped the Allies win the war, Albert Einstein. They come back to the present to find that the Soviets are still fighting the war against the Allied forces and that they have spawned a new enemy known as the Empire of the Rising Sun. I have bought this game and believe it is a very great installment to the Red Alert Series. After I bought it and began playing I thought this game had the thrill of Red Alert 2 and graphics of the modern game world. I was still disappointed that Yuri from Red Alert 2 didn't come back. Other than that, 4 stars! I highly recommend it for any Command and Conquer fan!