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Red Motorola Razr

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By bree on
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Before I bought the red razr, I had always wanted one for the longest time. Prior to buying it, I had only ever had one cell phone provider and that was with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is a pay as you go type of deal and I had grown far tired with that. So, I saw that Sprint was offereing a Razr that was red, red is my favorite color! Anyways, I bought the phone, only to be very dissapointed. The phone lagged more than any phone I had ever used! It's delay was insane! Also, after I would send a few text messages, the type would switch to strictly numbers and you couldnt switch it back unless you turned the phone off and on. This would happen every probably sixth text message, and still the only way to fix it was turning it on and back on. I thought I got a defective phone so I went back to best buy and exchanged it for a new one of the same kind. IT was better and didn't do the weird numbers thing, but it still was very slow and still to this day is very slow. It takes about ten seconds for a new text message to open and even longer to send one. It scrolls through the contact list much much slower than it should, and it often freezes up if you receive more than one text message at the same time. The phone is very sleek and nice looking with a large display screen and a good sized keypad, but the battery life and slow response is not really worth it. On a good side, it is pretty durable, I've dropped it countless times and it's gotten water damage, but it still remains the same as the day I bought it, still slow, but hasn't really changed since new. The reception is pretty decent too.