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Red Sox Magnet Reminds Me Of Fenway

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As a huge baseball fan, I tend to collect a lot of items pertaining to my favorite teams. I'm not limited to just one team, but I'm very loyal to the teams I support.

One of my two favorite teams is the Boston Red Sox. I was a fan of the Sox before I ever saw them in person or on TV. My parents went to their games when they were young and often told us stories about the games and the players they saw back in the "old days". One name that came up over and over was Ted Williams, though he was hardly the only one they admired.

Being originally from New England, I feel I was born and bred to be a Sox fan. It doesn't matter that I live 1500 miles away now. Thanks to satellite TV, I can watch every game.

During a trip back to New England a couple of years ago, we made a trip to Fenway Park to take a tour of the ballpark. If you are a Sox fan and have never taken this tour, do it. It's fantastic.

Before you take the tour, you buy tickets at the Yawkey Way Store, located right across from the ballpark. This is very smart thinking on someone's part because you have no choice but to go inside this large sporting goods store that's loaded with just about every type of Red Sox memorabilia that you could hope to find. And of course, there's a wait before the next tour, just enough time for you to find lots of things you can't live without.

One of the things I collect is refriigerator magnets from places I want to remember. I searched for just the right one to remember my tour of Fenway. There were big ones, little ones, silly ones and traditional ones. How do I pick just one? I looked and looked until I spotted this larger than usual magnet that had not one, but two pictures. It measured 4" x 5". I can't remember what that's called (I know there's a name for this), but it was cool. It was like getting two magnets for the price of one.

My souvenir magnet from my Fenway tour is proudly displayed on my refrigerator. Each time I see it (from either view), I remember how great that tour was and how ready I am for baseball season to begin. Go Sox!!