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Red Steel

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haplon By haplon on
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I received this game as a birthday gift when the Wii was first released and was quite excited to see how the Wii would handle a first-person shooter. The excitement didn't last very long. Although the game originally sold for $50 it's now down to a mere $20 and there are definite reasons why. With a name like 'Red Steel', you would think the strengths would be the katana sword fighting and the gunplay of all fps. These, however, prove to be the games greatest weaknesses. The sword fights are all slow, unimaginative, and tedious - the gun fights are worse. If you are all used to fast-paced, trigger happy shooters like Halo, Half-Life, or Unreal Tournament, you're in for a sad surprise. In each room you have to spend what seems like minutes taking carefully intricate aim with the clumsy wii remote, all while being shot in the face from twelve directions. The handling of aiming and shooting is so obnoxiously unintuitive I found myself unable to play for more than two days and promptly returned the game. I gave the game an overall 1 instead of a 0 simply for the high graphic and sound quality. The storyline may very well be spectacular but you'll never know it, you'll be too busy yelling at the remote. Avoid this game like the plague.