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Red Stone

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Jenn Weiss By Jenn Weiss on
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Now I have played many different role playing games. I have played games from Everquest and World of Warcraft to games like Conquer Online and Red Stone. Red Stone is a free to play game. Meaning you don't have to play to play this game. It is a lot of fun to play. One of the downfalls is that each class is gender oriented. The summoner is a woman, so if you wanted to play that class you have to be a girl.

Beginning the game you enter into a few rooms of tutorial, meaning you are in these rooms which tell you how to operate the controls and how to play the game. This is something I have yet to see in any game. The quests are easy to find because you can see them on the map, some of them you get automatically. There are some aspects that are hard to do and you need your character to either be with a group of people or a higher level to get through it.

You can change the class of your character throughout the game to one that relates to it. Like a summoner can change to a tamer because they have some what of same function. Battling is easy. Myfavorite class to play is summoner becaus

Red Stone is a fun game to play and just like any other role playing game; it is very addictive. I find it hard to not play the game every day!