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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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One day recently, I needed a new thermometer, and I came across the Vicks Speed Read model. It gives the results in 8 seconds, which is amazingly fast. But that's not the best part. My favorite feature is called Fever InSight, and it reminds me of a stoplight. After displaying your temperature digitally, it changes colors, depending on the temperature reading. If there is no fever, the light display will be green. If the temperature is slightly elevated, the screen will turn yellow for a mild fever. But if there is a reading indicating a very elevated temperature, the screen will turn red, to alert you that you definitely have a high fever. (Come to think of it, this must be a feature to entertain children, as most adults are capable of discerning the numbers, and don't need colors to figure out if they have a fever.) LOL! But I'm just a kid at heart, I guess.

The thermometer has a large, easy to read digital display screen and colored back lights in red, yellow and green. It also has memory recall, and a really nice storage case. It is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty.

I guess the lifetime warranty is a really good thing, because unfortunately, I took my temperature 3 times in a row, when I got it home, and each time the reading was quite different. One reading showed that I had fever-99.1 degrees, and another reading (immediately before) showed 97 degrees! Still another displayed 98.6 degrees. Needless to say, I began to wonder about the accuracy of this thermometer! I looked it up online, and read several different reviews, and almost every one indicated that the thermometer was very inaccurate! So I have my doubts as to how dependable it will turn out to be. (I guess I should have done my research before purchasing it.)

I will test it against a known reliable thermometer, and let you know my results in an update. It is a very cool looking thermometer, but when you're sick, you want more than a light show!

Update On Jun 17, 2008: I had an occasion to test the thermometer against other digital thermometers I own about 2 weeks ago, and it was only off a couple of tenths of a degree. (It is getting more difficult to find mercury thermometers these days, which I really think are the most reliable.) At any rate, this one compared well with other digital thermometers that I used.