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Red Earth Perfect Definition Foundation

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I have a bad habit! If something is on sale, whether I need it or not, I will often purchase it simply because it's a deal! There, I've admitted it but I'm definitely not ashamed to. Of course, when it comes to this bad habit, I usually have another ulterior motive - a review! So here is another "shopaholic's" account of a product that actually was a very wise purchase.

I've wanted to try the RedEarth products for awhile now but always hoped I'd find them on sale at some point. Although I certainly didn't need this product as I have at least half a dozen foundations from various manufacturers in my hunt for the "perfect" one, I'm actually glad that I took a chance on this particular one. This foundation was in a discontinued sale at the local pharmacy - the product itself isn't discontinued, but the store often brings in products and if they don't move as quickly as they would like to see them go out the door, they discontinue them. Due to the price of this product I imagine that was it's reason for slow sales at this particular store because the foundation in my opinion is divine!

When I first opened this product I thought it was just a bit thick. The consistency is quite rich and at first I wasn't certain what to expect. I don't like products that cover as though they are a mask and I absolutely do not like announcing to the world that I'm wearing foundation - that is one product I prefer to have as subtle as possible. RedEarth has a winner with this product though. It's creamy consistency when applied spreads like warm butter (minus the grease) and leaves your skin looking and feeling very nice. It applies quickly and covers with exceptional results.

Once on, it stays put, is long lasting and doesn't have any tell tale signs that you are wearing a foundation. A little of this goes a long way as well so for the price, even at full cost, I think this product would last quite some time, even for someone who might wear it on a daily basis. You actually don't even feel as though you are wearing any makeup with this product on.

The one thing I am not too thrilled about however is the applicator itself. This is a plastic wand that is attached to the top and is meant to be used as a more hygienic way of applying the makeup. The foundation being as thick as it is tends to "goob" around the applicator wand and the top of the bottle which if not careful, can create a mess. Usually I'll simply dab a makeup applicator sponge against the wand applicator though and so far I've been able to keep things pretty tidy.

This foundation is developed for people with normal to slightly dry skin and is complete with Vitamin A and anti-oxidents that allow you to apply very little or build up the foundation to ensure additional coverage if necessary. It works to hide fine lines and blemishes and actually even does a nice job on darker under eye circles - my arch nemesis regardless of how many hours of sleep I actually get.

The product is available in a number of shades to match almost any skin tone with 9 shades to choose from so obtaining a flawless look is quite achievable with this product. Matched with one of RedEarth's blush products and you have an all day, total wear look that looks fresh, allows your skin to continue to breathe and is a product that will last for quite some time. It also provides an SPF-12 protection for sun exposure.

Overall, I'd recommend this product to others and after trying it, I would have no objection to paying full price for it. I'm looking forward to trying other products in the RedEarth lineup now. In actuality, the amount of product that you receive - the bottle looked quite full, is a generous 1.0 fluid oz (30ml) so for the price in comparison to other less costly products I've purchased before I think this is money well spent. Another great product line from the land down under (Australia) that is a winner!