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Redline Vpx The Ultimate Energy Rush

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By mellaview on
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I asked my sister why she had so much energy and was acting like a crack addict on speed. I also noted that she looked like she had lost a few pounds.

She told me about this new drink she had been using for about a month now, how it gives her tons of energy, and doesnt make her crash down.

Redline VPX the Ultimate Energy Rush Fat Incinerator was the name of the drink. She brought out a bottle of it to show me what it looked like. I opened the cap took a sniff, and nearly died. It was berry flavor, and smelled like Pepto.

When I went into 711 looking for the drink I found it in Grape flavor, which for me is a bit more tolerable when it comes to energy drinks.

My sister told me to only drink half the bottle, but after drinking only half my energy buzz wasn't as 'kick ass' as hers seemed to be, so I drank the rest.

The flavor was tolerable, but also nothing I would want to write home about. To me it tasted like salt water and grape drink. Nasty, but still I was able to swallow it without gagging.

The buzz hit me about 15 minutes later. It was an odd feeling because it made my chest feel cold, and that sensation actually made me nervous. Once that wore off though what was left was pure energy, and it truly put me in a good mood.

The energetic effect lasted throughout the entire day, and didn't cause me to come crashing down.

Overall, since using Redline VPX the Ultimate Energy Rush Fat Incinerator I have lost around 5 to 6 pounds, and kept it off. The drink gives me energy, and when I come home from work now, I don't just lay down in bed and watch TV. I'm full of a newly found energy thanks to Redline VPX the Ultimate Energy Rush Fat Incinerator.

I highly recommend it to those looking to loose a few fast pounds, and to those just looking for a quick wake up call.

As wonderful as this drink has been for me though, it does come with a slew of warnings, so definetly read the bottle lable beofr just slamming it down.