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Reenact The Console Wars With The Sega Genesis!

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By pato on
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The classic Sega Genesis console helped spawn the great console war of the mid 90's. The Genesis and Super Nintendo fought for dominance in the video game landscape with no clear winner. Until the Sony Playstation showed up and crushed them both that is.

Unfortunately, finding a Sega Genesis is no longer a viable option. A console that has been dead for over a decade, the Genesis can be hard to find. Ebay or Amazon would be the easiest methods. Maybe a pawn shop if you're lucky. Nevertheless, they are relatively inexpensive so if you have a need for some classic gaming then it should not thin out your bank account.

Beware though, the games can be rather lackluster or simplistic compared to today's massive budget, online enabled, 60 dollar monstrocities. Not only that, but they are also hard to find since no traditional retail outlet stocks them. Again, your best bet is Ebay or Amazon. However, if you grew up playing these titles and can appreciate the for what they are (and aren't) then the Sega Genesis can bring you back to your carefree younger days in mere moments.