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Refundable Beauty

Reviewing: Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass  |  Rating:
mendoi By mendoi on
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Gosh I love this bass guitar. It's a beautiful black charcoal colour, decent size for my little-ness (5 ft), decent quality. I even love how the frets look. I'm not a pro, but there was a pro customer sitting at the store testing out several other basses, and I asked him to test mine out and let me know what he thought. He played wonderfully for a while, in all sorts of styles to get the best feel of it, putting me and buddies I brought with me to musical shame (I was learning from nonpros too, because pros are so advanced I can't even follow what they're doing). He gave the bass good compliments. Of course it's not as ELITE as the ones that cost THOUSANDS of dollars, but he said that it was good for what I was looking for, and good for the price too. 'Course I would've bought the SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR black charcoal one if I had the $$, but I still fell in love with what I could afford (or thought I could afford). Unfortunately, I was already stingey with $$ and a member of my church commented that I'm going to remain musically stagnant if I don't practice, and I've been practicing very seldomly because I've been borrowing the bass from church, and others need to borrow it as well. So I was talked into purchasing my own. Fast forward uhh ONE day, a car accident, and some other things here and there giving me too many costs to remain sane. I had to give up my lovely bass. I had purchased it with a little Fender amp and the bass bag, and I got some accessories for free. Everything came up to a total of $700+. Beautiful as it was, I returned it and told the pleasant guy at Long & McQuade who remembered me from the week before, that I'd be back when I could afford it.