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Reliable And Safe!

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Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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Most of the time, it feels like crap if you're on your period. I don't know about you, but I am always freaking out when I'm on my period. I always ask "Did I leak?" and when the question pops in my head, I'm uncomfortable all day until I can get into the bathroom.

Well, recently, I found a new menstrual device called the Instead Soft Cup. I looked up other menstrual cups, but this one was the easiest to get and I figured it'd be easier for a first timer.

It was a bit uncomfortable putting it in at first---I've never used a Tampon, so you can imagine how awkward it is---but after it was in, my menstrual week was a breeze. You only have to change it every 8-12 hours depending on your flow, and though it is recommended that you throw it away after each use, I reuse and nothing has happened to me so far. When you wear the soft cup, it doesn't even feel like you're on your period! It's amazing since who really wants to feel like blood is gushing from them? Not me.

This is a product I would recommend for any girl. No more rushing into bathroom stalls when you're doing something important or worrying about leaking, unless youhaven't gotten used to inserting it. It's so much better than using a pad or worrying about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome from using tampons.

Safe, efficient, perfect.