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Remember When Toothpaste Was Just Toothpaste?

Reviewing: Crest Cool Peppermint Liquid Gel  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Remember when toothpaste was just toothpaste? It was used it to get your teeth clean, and that was the bottom line. Well not anymore--toothpaste has come a long way, baby! No self-respecting toothpaste would ever stoop that low again! The pressure is on to be a toothpaste, plus everything else under the sun.

This toothpaste certainly accepted the challenge. Not only is it cool peppermint flavored, it also has tartar control, a whitening agent, fluoride anticavity protection, and a mouthwash (Scope.) In addition, somewhere on the bottle they found the room to also advertise that it strengthens enamel. (Talk about multi-tasking!)

All kidding aside, I really liked this toothpaste. I can honestly say that no toothpaste that I have ever used left my mouth feeling as fresh. I guess about the only thing I didn't like about it, was that it was a liquid gel. I am so used to using regular gels, or paste, that it seemed a little too "liquidy" to me. However, because it made my mouth feel so fresh, I actually bought another bottle, so that says a lot.

And remember when all toothpaste came in those horrible tubes? You know, the ones that caused arguments between family members, when someone squeezed from the top, instead of the bottom? Well say good-bye to that nuisance. This baby comes in a compact, handy squeeze bottle, with a pop-top lid. That means no more toothpaste oozing down the sides, when you put the cap on.

You will have to get used to the liquid gel consistency, but give it a try for fresh breath, clean teeth, and a bright smile. Toothpaste is not just toothpaste anymore!