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Remote Controlled Mini Micro Mouse

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Remote Controlled Mini MicroMouse

I have always loved cats and when I was growing up we always had 1 cat and sometimes up to 3 cats at one time. When I was little I would try and make my cats toys like I would cut up cardboard boxes and make a maze for my cats and then I would get a string and tie something to the end of the string and stand above the maze moving the string through the maze and my cat would then chase the string and go through the maze, I know I was a kid with a good imagination and when you cant afford much you have to have a good imagination.

Now that I am older and can buy my pets fun little toys I thought I would share the latest toy that I got for my cat, Sassy, I found a real cool toy that is a remote controlled mouse and I do not spend a lot of money on cat toys but the reason I bought this toy is because not only would the cat have fun with it but my son would like it also.

Sassy was a bit scared of the little mouse and it was funny to see my son chasing our cat around the house with a little mouse but that did not last for to long. Sassy soon started running around chasing the little fast moving toy mouse and she would give it some good hit's with her paws when ever the mouse would get trapped and then she would walk away had hide behind something waiting to jump on the mouse when it came rolling by her. I also found my son playing alone with the mouse out side and I asked him why he was not using the toy to play with sassy and he told me that he could not play with sassy because she was sleeping and she would not get up to chase the mouse.

The Remote Controlled Mini MicroMouse is a cool cat toy to check out and I found it to be a 2 way plus because Sassy likes to play with it and my son also likes to play with it.

I would just like to point out that the picture of the baby kitten is our cat but she is a lot bigger now and I just thought that picture of her is a cute one and I wanted to share it with other people who love cats.