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Remz Review

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Busuioc Florin By Busuioc Florin on
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I`ve noticed that a ton of people who have been coming here lately keep asking about remz, so after extensive thinking, i took a long hard look at my remz and decided to write this review.

now, remz are my all time favorite skates, so im trying to be as unbiased as possible.

the first thing you need to know is that since the v-cut cuff came out, all of their skates have been pretty much the same, with the exception of the skins, which have varied in color. with the 06 models, the skins have been modified to replace laces with velcro (at least, the back ones anyway) and the bukle has been exposed. other than that, they're all the same.

so now ill begin, starting from the top to bottom and the outside in.

THE CUFF: the cuff is the most distinguishing feature performance wise. There are about a million and a half different ways to use the cuff to vary the flexability of the skate.

If you leave them as they come you have a normal looking cuff with a plastic buckle attatched to it. sticking out from onder the liner is a velcro strap. this provides the most support.

The way you arrange the buckles is up to you, you can leave both of them on, take the velcro strap off, or take the plastic buckle off. obviously using only the velcro strap gives you more flex.

you can attatch the velcro strap to either the part under the liner, or to the cuff itself. however! you cannot attatch the plastic buckle to the part under the liner.

another good part about the cuff is you can v-cut it to give you even more flex. like the standard cuff setup, you can arrange the buckles in any way mentioned above.

if you happen to be obsessed with flex, you can take the cuff off all together, but you can only use the velcro strap for this setup.

THE LINER: the liner is another good feature about these skates. they are low cut, just like the cuff, so they dont interfere with your flex. they are really padded, so if you accidentily kick somthing, or if someone runs into you, you'll hardly feel it.

the main problem i find with them is, if you skate with them to tight, they chafe (SP?) your ankles (rub them raw).

THE HEEL PAD/SHCOK ABSORBER: the shok absorber pad definately works. iv dropped some really big... drops with these skates and hardly felt it at all.

there is one slight problem with this though: alot of pressure is applied to the balls of your feet, you dont notice it at first but after a few hours, it gets annoying.

Im going to try cutting up a spnge or somthing and place it under the liner and see if it works, ill edit this when i do.

GRIND PLATES: i dont know if the grind plates are a 3 piece or a 4 piece, (i guess thats up to you), but it consists of a heel plate, two toe plates (one positive, one negative) and a backslide plate.

ill break each one down seperately.

HEEL PLATE: the heel plate takes up both positive and negative sides of the soul, they're pretty big and lock on easily.

TOE PLATE: there are two of them, one positive and one negative. yet again they are pretty wide and lock on easily.

BACKSLIDE PLATE: this is basically used for royales and farvs, the good thing about the backslide plate for these skates is that there is already a grove molded into it, so hardly any break-in time is required.

Probably one of the best things about the soul system on these skates is that you can replace each individual piece seperately, which makes it really inexpensive

THE LACES: although most people dont care about their laces, they are particularly imoprtant for remz, they keep the skins from flapping around all over the place.

If they get damaged to the point that you cant use them, just simply buy new ones. PLEASE NOTE: remz laces are about half a foot longer than normal shoe laces, so if you want to replace them with normal ones, try tying them differently (just look at my sig). also, the back ones are tiny, so it'd be pretty hard to find ones that small.

SKINS: like i said at the beginning the skins are just about the only thing that makes different models... well, different.

their pros are that they look nice.

their cons are that if you fall alot, they damage easily. i cant think of anything that can clean them, and most imoprtantly THEY ARE NOT REPLACEABLE, which means that once the skins are destroyed, pretty much so is the skate.

WEIGHT: i have tried many, many different skate brands, and these are incredibly light. however if you want to test this for yourself, go by relative shell size. for instance, dont try a size 13 remz, then try a size 9 TRS (strictly for the sake of the example) and say "well, the TRS's were lighter!" because thats just stupid.

SIZING: the sizing of remz remains a mystery to me, and alot of other people. some say they run large, others say they run small, and still others say they run true to size.