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Renegades An Action Packed Crime Drama.

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Renegades was released on dvd in June of 1989. This movie runs for a full 103 minutes. Renegades is rated R because of the violence and bad language. The movie is an action flick that crosses over to crime drama. You will find Renegades in most retail stores costing between five and fifteen dollars.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Buster McHenry an under cover cop. Buster is working on an undercover operation to find a dirty cop. He is not telling anyone what he is doing and he gets himself in a pickle.

Lou Diamond Phillips plays Hank Storm. Hank is an Indian who came to town with his father and brother to exhibit a broker arrow. Hank doesn't seem to have a sense of humor and has a one track mind when it comes to the broken arrow. He will find himself working with Buster McHenry to get the arrow back.

Robert Knepper plays Marino. Marino is crazy that likes things his own way and will kill anyone who gets in his way. During a robbery he goes into a building where an Indian museum of sort was. Once in the building he sees this broken arrow and he can not take his eyes off it. This was his down fall because after taking the arrow he killed one of the Indians. Now he not only has the cops on his tail but the Indians as well. Marino is not a nice man and you will watch all the bad things he does and hope the Indian gets to him before the cops.

The movie starts out with a man sitting in a bar drinking coffee. The young man looks rough from a long night of drinking. Outside the bar there is a car full of gang bangers that just got pulled over by the local police. The police are handling the situation all wrong. The gang bangers get the upper hand and kill two cops. They also take on hostage. While the local cops are putting down their guns this young guy comes out of the bar. The guy has a beer bottle in his hand and stumbling all over the place. He walk up to the gang member holding the cop and takes the gun away. He then shoots the second gang member. In the end all three gun men are unarmed. The cops rush in to take over the situation now. This is where you find out the young guys name is Buster and he is an under cover cop. Buster will try to bring down a dirty cop but in doing so he will have to become a bad guy. While working an under cover operation on a bad guy Buster meets Hank Storm. It seems the bad guy has a thing for Indian artifacts. Hank will think Buster is just another criminal. While Hank is looking for the man with the broken arrow, Buster will be right by his side trying to put all the pieces together on who the bad cop is. These two will fight with each other but in the end they must work together to get the broken arrow as well as the bad guys. They will not have an easy time of it but in the end it will be worth it. These two may find that friendship can come when you are not looking for it.

My Opinion:

The movie is very interesting. The two men in the movie come from two totally different back grounds. This makes the story more interesting. They must over come their differences in order to accomplish what they both want. There are twists that change the story and turns that make you wonder who is bad, who is good.

The action is very well done. Great car chases and suspenseful moments that keep you interested. The movie is suitable for most ages if supervised by an adult. There is a lot of action with violence but the language is not that bad.