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Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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I call this lotion the all purpose skin lotion. It is truly unlike any other lotion I have ever tried. It doesn't have a flowery smell or a fancy name but it sure gets the job done. Not only does it relieve dry skin but it solves many other maladies as well.

Have itchy insect bites? Dab on a little of this lotion. Have a stinging hang nail? Run in some of this lotion. Rough, sore cuticles? Again, use a little of this loction. Renew Intensive Skin Therapy lotion can even be used on your face to relieve wind burn, chapping and sun burn. I have used it for all of the above. It blends into your skin and does not leave a greasy feel behind.

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy lotion contains melaleuca oil which is said to be antiseptic as well as anitfungal. Maybe so but I wouldn't rely on it to prevent infection. However, I certainly recommend it for all the above ailments. Check it out at http://www.melaleuca.com

Update On Aug 21, 2009: This lotion has really stood the test of time. I have used it now for everything from simple dry skin to hang-nails to insect bites. It works great on all these ailments. One of the best, if not the best, all purpose lotions I have ever used.