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Reno An Amazing City With Icredible Life Structure

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By frank stewart on
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Reno is too loving and hot destination of United States of Nevada. How much we say about this city is very less because this city have something for every travelers like sightseeing, adventures, games, and more. This city is most likely by visitors and exploring according to their point of interest. Mostly travelers think about this city that hotels in reno will be more expansive because this city is most popular destination for tourists. But when I visit this city I can say that those who think about expansive for this city they are wrong. If we choose best sites for reservation they provide exciting discount offer. Few months ago, I also visited this city and I reserved my hotel from a well known hotel site and that give me cheap hotels in reno at discount offer with all mind blowing facilities. I went to this city by air for making my holidays colorful. This city has close proximity to all north California cities. I spend at least a week in this city and all the days of this city have some specific memorize moments. As I get closer to myself in this city I feel so excited because I got all those things in this city to which them I was expecting. This city is second largest gaming destination in Nevada and home of outdoor activities. The first day in this city was my travel day. On the first day I leave my hometown early morning for catching this city by air. My flight dropped me at international airport from where my hotel was located at some few miles of distance. After receiving my luggage, I leave airport and first went to a restaurant because I was so hungry and wants some food for energy. At this restaurant, I ordered milk with bread, butter, and some snacks also. After taking breakfast I hire a taxi and reached to my hotel. My reserved hotel was well decoration and its interior design also was new. As I entered to my hotel’s room it was well furnished with cable TV, net, refrigerator, coffee maker, and more. This day first I like to take some rest and then enjoying the facilities of my hotel. At the time of evening I went for outing after taking some refreshment and snacks with junk food. Outside the hotel, I know about this city by interacting with local public and tourists also. After taking dinner from a restaurant I came back to hotel and get ready for the other day of trip. On the second day, first of I went to see museum of art which was very nice with small exhibits and latest collection of arts. This museum was also showing arts and culture of this city. By seeing this, I move towards for some exciting activities and for this I found Wingfield Park which was located along river and home of annual events which are organized at this park. That’s was my luck that I got the chance to see river festival which was very nice and the rest of day I spent at this park. At this destination I found some visitors were doing kayaking and by seeing them I also take enjoy of kayaking and it was the great activities because I do it first time and it was very interesting. I also enjoyed this day at Truckee River which was very nice for biking, swimming, fishing, and boating also. I enjoyed all these activities at this river. At the time of night I came back to hotel, get changing, and went for dinner. After taking dinner, I spend sometime in market for seeing the nightlife and culture of this city. On the third day, I went for other adventure for which I was waiting from many times like mountain biking which was my favorite. For mountain biking I take a bike on rent and then started for this adventure. I enjoyed this very much. From starting I face some difficulties but after that I enjoyed it very much. I helped other visitors also who were enjoying mountain biking first time. Besides mountain biking some other trails were there but mountain biking was the most and mostly visitors were enjoying mountain biking. After enjoying mountain biking, I went to California Avenue which has small shops and restaurants and I take my lunch at this place. After taking lunch, I visit some shops and purchase some things also. Up to late evening, I reached to my hotel where I get some change because my body condition was not so good due to mountain biking and after change I went to casino for playing gamble. I played only five chances and by this I get some benefits also but I controlled myself and those which I earned from this gave to a charitable trust. At late night I take my dinner and came back to my hotel. On the fourth day, I called this day by the name of sightseeing day because this day I saw many sightseeing of this city like parks, gardens, museums, theme parks, and other also. All these attractions were very nice but some of them very nice which were life changing also. I enjoyed my moments of life at these famous destinations. Reno central library was best for knowing history and culture of this city for which a large number of books were there. Although it was not so large but it was very nice and rancho San Rafael park was also nice place for child attractions and at this park balloon race event organize annually and that’s was my bad luck I miss this opportunity. This day I enjoyed the nightlife of this city in a club which was open free environment where visitors can get music and dance. On the fifth day, first of all I went to Idlewild Park which was very nice among the entire destination because it has a rose garden which was very nice and I also loved with rose. At this park a lot of walking trails were available to which them I take great enjoy and a kiddie park also was there which came according to season. This day I also visited famous casino where I also played some chances out of which some I loose and some I won. But it was very interesting and the earning pay to a charitable trust. At the time of evening I also went to market for taking some good things. This day I also enjoyed nightlife of this city. On the last day of my trip, I enjoyed the facilities of my hotel and this day I also leave my bed late morning and after taking breakfast I packed my luggage, take lunch, and leave the room. While leaving room, I give thanks to hotel team for supporting and providing nice facilities. By leaving hotel I went to airport and fly to my hometown with this changing life.