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Re Nu Multi Plus Multi Purpose Soft Contact Lens Solution

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Renu Multiplus Multi-Purpose Soft Contact Lens Solution

I must have felt rushed or distracted when I picked up this bottle of Renu Multiplus Multi-Purpose Soft Contact Lens Solution, because I did not realize that it is not the "no rub" formula that I usually use. Other than having to rub my contact lenses clean, I have no complaints (well, not other than the COST of contact lens solutions).

I have always liked ReNu, and the bottle I purchased has the Susan G. Komen For The Cure logo on the front of it. Bausch & Lomb donates a dollar from every one of these bottles purchased to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help fight breast cancer. This promotional bottle also included a pink lens case.

Renu Multiplus Multi-Purpose Soft Contact Lens Solution cleans, disinfects, and removes protein from soft contact lenses. According to the bottle, when this solution is used daily, no separate enzyme cleaner is required. (I never noticed that before, but now I am a little bit concerned. I do not wear my contact lenses every day, so I will have to see about getting a "separate enzyme cleaner" - something I was not aware existed. I guess it's always prudent to read the directions for products such as this).

Speaking of directions, to clean soft contact lenses with Renu Multiplus Multi-Purpose Soft Contact Lens Solution, apply a few drops of solution to each side of your contact lens and rub for about 20 seconds. Next, rinse each side of the lens with solution. Finally, place your lenses in the lens case and cover each lens with enough solution to soak in. Your lenses will be ready to wear after soaking for four hours.

Anyway, this is a product I like, and I would recommend it to others. (Get the "no rub" formula though - it's less of a hassle at the end of the night, when you are tired and don't want to bother with rubbing your contacts).