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Replace Battery Every 6 Months Or Less

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The product overview states that it is a sophisticated instrument that has been carefully designed and tested to detect carbon monoxide build-up in a residential environment. Carbon monoxide is odorless and cannot be seen by the naked eye and it can be fatal. The build-up of carbon monoxide in the blood is called carboxyhemoglobin level and interfers with the body's ability to supply itself with oxygen. Depending on the concentration of CO, it can kill within minutes. And this is the reason that it is very important to follow the guidelines in the instruction booklet that the device comes with.

This product is required by law to be installed in all rental apartments at the expense of the owner of the building that I reside. The owner is not obligated to install a better quality CO, as long as it serves its' purpose. It has gone off a few times (at least 4 times), and the Fire Department has been called. The FD checked for carbon monoxide presence each times and none has been detected. The fault was in the device, batteries had to be replaced each and every time. Well, the landlord got a deal because this alarm comes with a 5 year warranty. As long as he replaces the batteries with the dollar store variety, the alarm will go off. That chirping sound along with the red light flashing is an indication that something is wrong. It could be that the alarm is malfunctioning (replace batteries) or there is a presence of carbon monoxide. Before replacing the batteries (3-AAA batteries), call the emergency department to make sure there is no carbon monoxide filtering the air of your immediate surroundings.