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Rescue Cream Can Rescue People And Pets

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Rescue Remedy Cream works both externally on people and internally on anxious pets. The five flower essences used as the ingredients are healing, calming and 100% natural. There is no fragrance or lanolin added to this cream.

First it works on sore, chapped, itchy and damaged skin on hands, body or face. I've even safely used it on an unidentified rash on my eyelid being careful to not use too much. I've never had a person return this product and many customers bring someone else in to buy some. I've heard of it used on bug bites, poison ivy, allergic rashes, heat rash and wind burned faces. It is soothing, calming and healing all at the same time.

But here's the BEST part of Rescue Cream - it calms nervous dogs and cats!

I have a male cat who sometimes gets a little more edgy than I can tolerate. He jumps around the apartment, bangs the vertical blinds like hanging wind chimes and jumps on your head if you happen to be sitting in the chair near the front door. I take a pea-sized portion of the lotion and smear it on his paws and behind his ears. Within a few minutes he has licked it off and used his paws to take it off his ears and he soon becomes a calm kitty.

It also works the same on dogs - especially those afraid of thunderstorms. When you know a storm (or fireworks in July) is coming you can use the same technique to bring your pooch through an otherwise tense time.

Bach's also makes Rescue Remedy formula in a spray and a liquid. The spray works great to calm yourself or a pet and the extract can be added to a pet's water bowl or even placed under your own tongue to calm panic attacks and nervousness. Each flower essence has a specific task so together they calm, energize, strengthen, balance and encourage. It's a great idea to have the cream and liquid in every first aid kit - some for the injured and something for the caregiver!

Rescue Remedy can rescue us all!