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Rescue Remedy

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By ezriela on
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When you are trying to balance work, family and additional pressures, it's very easy to get stressed out. That stress can exhibit itself in a number of ways, such as irritability, nervousness and losing sleep. When high pressure situations transpire, it can really carry you into overdrive, which is how it was beginning to affect me and how it sometimes affected my husband, a Vietnam vet who suffers from PTSD. In recent years, I have become more and more familiar with alternative remedies. I had read some things about Bach's "Rescue Remedy", a flower remedy you take in extreme moments of stress to keep you calm. I wasn't too knowledgeable about flower remedies, but purchased it, just to see if it would work, when needed. Sure enough, a personal situation arose that was potentially upsetting to my husband, so I remembered that I had the Bach "Rescue Remedy" and I had my husband take it, as directed. Within a matter of moments, he had calmed down dramatically. Both of us have had occasion to use this product from time-to-time since and it has always helped us. Flower remedies do not interact with any drugs and have no side-effects, so "Rescue Remedy" is safe for use. "Rescue Remedy" is a product that is a "must have" for my household.