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Resident Evil 4 Ps2

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Resident Evil 4 has been praised as bringing a rebirth to Capcom's franchise, a move necessary since the company's original innovation of the 'survival horror' genre had been becoming quite stale with repeat installments. With the new game, originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube and now ported to Sony's Playstation 2, nearly every imaginable facet of the play style that made the originals so entertaining has been improved.

The game scraps much of the tedious play of the other editions and instead focuses on an action-based shooter where the scares become genuine again and the story is actually interesting. The entire experience feels like a B-movie and for the first time in the series, it feels like the writers actually want to make us laugh rather than cringe at the dialogue and overt gore.

The PS2 edition is relatively the same deal as the Gamecube version, adding a few new modes and (secondary character) Ada Wong chapters to enhance the value. Although Resident Evil 4 was recently released again to great acclaim on the Nintendo Wii, owners of last generation's champion console should be thrilled to know that there is such a great title still around. The graphics and sound are superb and the length of the single-player campaign clocks in at about 20-25 hours (without gettingin into the extra content) so for the price of admission, this experience definitely packs in great value.