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Resident Evil 4! The Best Re Yet!

Reviewing: Capcom Resident Evil 4  |  Rating:
By pato on
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The Resident Evil series has always been known for its frightening atmosphere, amazing graphics and, unfortunately, human-tank like controls. But now RE4 comes along and completely turns the series on its head. Eschewing the difficult control scheme of the past games in the series, RE4 emoloys a more action friendly control system. Perfect for the new direction the game has taken. Relying more on action than scares, RE4 plays out like the best action movie ever. Think "Aliens" instead of "Alien".

The game takes place after the events at Racoon City and finds Leon working with the United States government to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the President. Unlike previous games, the story actually makes more sense and is not just "zombies break out and want to kill everything". Speaking of the "zombies", they have been revamped are now much more dangerous than they ever were. Fortunately, Leon has many more abilities and exciting new weapons at his disposal making for the most action packed RE yet.

Resident Evil 4 is a must-have game and is a much needed change to the somewhat stale series. I would highly recommend it and it may just be the best game on the Playstation 2. With downright jaw dropping graphics, a fantastic control scheme, plenty of replayability and immersive gameplay, you'd be a fool to miss out on it.