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Resident Evil 5 Review

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Resident Evil 5 involves a storyline thats of more relavance to present day times such as oil and terrorism. The storyline is located somewhere in Africa although they don't say specificly which country in Africa. The environment is a very different atmosphere compared to the previous one. You play as Leon and have a Teammate named Sheva.

Whats Different About Resident Evil 5 Compared To the Past Resident Evils:

The first thing thats most obvious is you have a partner that helps you fight the enemies throughout the whole game. Her name is Sheva and i'll first point out the good things about having her. You can tell her to "Come On" if you need her to help you pick up items to use along the way usually if your items inventory is full. You can also tell her to "Go" which means for her to attack enemies in the game. Also if your in a struggle you can get Sheva to help you knock the enemies off of you. The bad news is Sheva is not Foolproof as when enemies are coming she can sometimes stand in the way of your bullets firing at the enemy rather than having you both double team the enemy. If you do shoot her it will not affect her as the game at least made up for Shevas poor timing somewhat but she still sometimes gets in the way meaning your less likly to eliminate an enemy quicker and Sheva could endanger her self. The best thing to do is to stay in front of Sheva and attack enemies as she will then not get in your way. She can also start shooting you because your in her way and you will notice as the blood will be coming out of you as your killing an enemy but it doesn't hurt you either when she attacks you. Its best to stand in front of her though because your more than likely to be able and decide which weapon is most appropriate for the type of enemie. This screw up in the game doesn't always happen though but it can. This is one of the major reasons why I didn't rate the game content better than I would have. Despite these problems Resident Evil 5 is still a very fun and addicting game so please don't let this deter you from playing it. Its still one of the best games to play and own on the Xbox 360.

The variety of weapons in the game is great as there is so many of them which makes me want to play it even more. If you thought Resident Evil 4 had alot of weapons you will be even happier with Resident Evil 5. Its fun to experiment with the variety of weapons in the game. A weapon that has no point of being in the game is the rotten egg you can throw at the enemies. I don't know whats with that. I figure its a way of adding amusement to the game.Another great thing about Resident Evil 5 is the detail of your statitics on how well your doing. Some examples of the statistics would be how many of each enemies you have defeated whether it be enemies leading up to the bosses before you beat a level or how many times you have beaten a boss. It doesn't matter how many times you beat the game it keeps track of how many of each enemy you have defeated. You can also see how many times you were killed by every enemy in the game. You can see how accurate you are overall with every weapon or how accurate you are with each weapon. It even tells you how many times you have fired each weapon. The details of all your statistics is updated constantly the more you play. You can really start to analyze your mistakes over time in the game like this and get much better. The Detail of the Statistics In the Game Is Outstanding.

Also new in the game is the ability to get online and team up with others. This is great to do as Sheva has the ability to not act so dumb. Also you can view how well you rank in the game compared to other players.

Other Stuff In Resident Evil 5:

Reading through the letters and documents as I progress further into the game I start to realize who the main person was in causeing all of what happened in all the resident evil games as well as his Second Hand Man who aided in the Involvement. Thats an intresting part of the game as well as past resident evils is reading through the letters as well as documents as you progress through the game because its more creepy and interesting. Resident evil 5 goes through all of the history overview of the series when the game is loading that gives me a more clear understanding of what went on.

Just like the Previous Residnet Evil I really enjoyed trying to defeat the bosses at the end of each level. The bosses are just awesome to play. One of my personal favorite bosses is the Chase Saw Swinger with the giggles but theres so much more to love. Also an enemie from Resident Evil 4 makes a return. Can you point him out?

After Beating A Level You Are Graded By:

Shooting Accuracy

Enemies Killed

How Many Times You Died

How Fast You Beat the Level.

Some Clues of What the Last Boss Is Like:

When I look at the last boss its something I typically wouldn't expect due to last bosses in the previous games in the series. Lets just say when I look at him I think "Plain and Too Ordinary" but hes anything but that . I would describe him as Cold, Calculating, and Extremely Fast. Believing me you won't know how fast he is until you have played him in the game. I won't reveal anymore about him as I don't want to say too much.

Getting Cash for Weapons Upgrades and First Aid:

Theres plenty of cash to pick up along the way and it can get old very quickly because I find my self picking up so much cash. The real payoff is when i find jewels and Treasure Chest. Slowing down and looking up can earn a great deal of money throughout the game to upgrade you weapons because you can find and Jewels that can be shoot down.

Infinite Ammo:

To get infinite ammo for a weapon you must max out all its attributes with money you earn. After getting Infinite Ammo on the biggest majority of your weapons you can complete the game at a much faster pace.


Once you beat the entire game you will unlock a bonus game which is a blast to play, different clothing for Leon and Sheva, and different Screen Views such Black and White Mode Screen Mode, Horror Screen Mode which everything is in the Color Red. I personally just prefer Regular Screen View Mode and could do without the different screen types.

Also if you can beat the entire game on Veteran Difficulty you will unlock Professional Mode.

My Experience Playing Professional Mode:

In order to beat the game in Professional Mode patience is a must as you will probably die many times before you beat the game. Its so easy to die when getting attacked as 1 or 2 mistakes can kill you and with so many enemies you encounter most players will get very frustrated. You will definitely need to have Infinite Ammo for alot of your weapons in Professional Mode. I couldn't advance that far in Professional Mode each time I played because I died so much so I would just save it and continue where I left off. I would say Professional Mode is for people who are Die Hard Resident Evil Fans or just Gaming Addicts.

Another thing about Professional Mode thats just as bad as losing alot of life is the enemies attack faster. An example of this would be bad guys running at me with a taser could kill me with one strike at times faster than I could point my gun and shoot them. If I wanted to avoid such a thing I would have to be very quick on the trigger to avoid such a an attack. To make matters worse my partner might be in the way and would have a 50/50 chance on dieing as you can only take up to 2 hits before having to try again.

After completing the entire game in Professional Mode I died well over 100 times.

Resident Evil 5 Compared to Resident Evil 4:

Resident Evil 5 was not as scary as the previous one for me. I would say I like Resident evil 4 is somewhat better because it was a big diffrence compared the 3rd one before it and plus the environment was just better overall.

I would have to say I enjoyed playing the bosses more overall in Resident Evil 4. If I was going to compare playing the Final Boss in Resident Evil 4 compared to the Final Boss in Resident Evil 5 I would say the Final Boss in Resident Evil 5 wins hands down.

I'll still give Resident Evil 5 a 5 compared to most games on the Xbox 360. If I was going to rate Resdient Evil 5 compared to Resident Evil 4 than the 5th would get a 4.6 and the 4th would get a 5.

Final Thoughts About Resident Evil 5:

Resident Evil 5 almost seems like a finalie for the series when I beat it all and the end of the story seems like it may be the last. If it is than it ended in a very good way. Its getting to the point to where Resident Evil games no longer have the hype they use to so it would be good in my opinion if the 5th installment is the last. I don't want it to end up like the Friday the 13th movies, lol.

Update On Oct 15, 2009: Some updates about Resident Evil 5 I wanted to mention was you don't play as Leon but instead another character from the past Resident Evil games named Chris Redfield. Sorry about the mistake. Other stuff i've found out about the game since continuing to play it was I bought the Hydro Shotgun. You can get the Hydro Shotgun by maxing out all the attributes of the first Shotgun you get in the game. After using the Hydro Shotgun its clearly the best Shotgun in the game. Another Thing is I got Infinite Rocket Launcher which I was beginning to think was not possible in the game after getting infinite ammo for everything else. I didn't know how I got Infinite Rockter Launcher at first as it just magicly appeared and said I had unlocked it . Later I found out that I got Infinite Rocket Launcher by beating the whole game in under 5 hours. If I find enough new things i'll update the review again.