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Resident Evil Will Have You Trembling In Fear

Reviewing: Nintendo Game Cube Resident Evil (Remake)  |  Rating:
smmm By smmm on
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I'm here to review the Nintendo Gamecube remake of Capcom's Resident Evil. The original Resident Evil was first released by Capcom on the PlayStation in the mid-90s. It shook up the videogame industry and created a new genre - survival horror. Several years later it's back with a new coat of paint and plenty of new extra features.

First off the graphics are absolutely amazing - a vast improvement over the original by an unmeasurable margin. The realism adds a very creepy atmosphere to an already scary game. You'll actually think you're in a gigantic, eery mansion infested by zombies and other monstrous creatures you meet later on.

You start out with 2 choices - you can either be Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Jill can lock picks and Chris takes damage a little easier. You then must work your way through the mansion conserving ammo, herbs (to heal wounds with), and solving numerous puzzles until you find the truth. This is an absolute classic in a fantastic package. If you want a scare, buy this!