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Resident Evil...Umbrella Chronicles?

Reviewing: Wii Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles  |  Rating:
ninpo By ninpo on
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When I first heard about Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles I thought, "WHAT?". Its different in comparison to the past series, the gameplay that is. The system is close to Time Crisis in the arcades, and closer to The House of the Dead for the Dreamcast and Xbox. The game reacts the whole story and parts that answers many questions. It starts from Rebecca Chambers story of Resident Evil Zero all the way to Leon Kennedy's in RE4. The game is easy to get into and isn't very hard [ on EASY difficulty ] too. So for those who've never touched a game in the series due to its fear factor this is the game for you because it goes through everyone's stories. I personally think the game is fun and with a friend or family member its replayability gives satisfaction. I think that its really a game that gets you scared but because your movement is automated it gives off less fright. Unlike the games of the series where a blocky control configuration makes you think "I'm gonna die!" My bro recommended this game to me, I recommend it for anyone who likes Resident Evil but are too afraid of the genre.