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Resistance : Fall Of Man

Reviewing: Insomniac Games Playstation 3  |  Rating:
By thedefier on
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If you look at my ratings, they're all very high-end but my overall rating is very low at an abominable 1.8. This is because the game itself is excellent... the fact that it's just another Halo copy to get crazy over is not.

Halo was futuristic army people killing aliens. Resistance : Fall of Man, was army people killing aliens. The storyline will also annoy you as almost the whole time, you will be taking up a lesson on the transformation of humans to the aliens found in the game.

Graphics however is something I have to applaud. Exquisite detailing in the buildings, weapons, blood, enemies and gunfire can be seen. Gameplay, as I stated, is depressing as it's just another FPS with nothing spectacularly new. You get tanks, flashlights, flash bombs, crazy aliens running towards you, crazy aliens with guns and guns that we'll never see in real life. Nothing new.

Content, as I also said earlier, is a boring storyline. The time it isn't boring, it's cliche : aliens come to earth, humans don't like it, humans versus aliens, lots of people die, you're the hero of the humans. You also get infected with alien virus but does it make you an alien? No... it just gives you health regeneration from the point that you get infected.

Maturity Rating is average because in our day and age, 14 year olds are already used to the usual "scary monster and gunfire" crap.

Overall, I'd advise against buying Resistance unless you don't already have a First-Person Shooter at home. It's just a repeat of your game except with better graphics.