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Respironics Cpap Machine

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I visited my doctor in order to renew my annual prescription for Imitrex, my migraine medicine. With Imitrex you get only nine doses per month. When my doctor learned that I almost always use every pill every month, she decided she needed to get to the bottom of the cause of my migraines. This led to my having to go and have sleep studies done to determine whether I was achieving deep sleep at night, since apparently lack of good sleep can definitely cause headaches.

My first sleep study determined that I was seriously deprived of sleep, making me a prime candidate for a CPAP machine. (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is what the acronym stands for)

My second sleep study was with the CPAP and even though it was difficult falling asleep all hooked up to monitors and everything, the study showed that I was helped by the machine, and thus began my nightly journey with this piece of medical equipment.

Mine is made by Respironics and is, according to my "sleep" doctor, top of the line for quality and ease of use. Truly, it is easy to use and I don't doubt the quality. It has a humidifier and heater built in with adjustments to make the airflow as comfortable as possible for each individual. Without those features, the airflow would cause you to dry out in nose, mouth, and throat.

The machine is also pretty quiet considering that it has a motor and is running all night. My husband says it doesn't bother him at all.

I don't use the full face mask, but what are called nasal pillows. For me, a full face mask is too confining. The pillows are comfortable once the elastic straps with Velcro are adjusted properly for fit, which can take a little trial and error, but is an important individualizing element.

All in all, while I'm not thrilled to have to use the CPAP machine, I believe the one I have is probably the one that is easiest and most comfortable to use.

Have my headaches subsided? Not completely, but I am now using at least one third less of the headache prescription most of the time, so perhaps I'm on the right track.

When prescribed by a doctor, this machine is paid for by medical insurance.