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Rest Your Head On A Bagful Of Grain!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Quite a few years ago, my Missus bought one of these, and has used it with a lot of success. The basic idea is that you place this in the Microwave, just to warm it up, then mould it around the neck in this case, but it can be used anywhere. The product is simply a pillowcase full of wheat, and this technology is nothing new. The idea has been used for hundreds of years apparently! The idea of a sack full of wheat or other Grain, being applied to aching muscles after being warmed in a bread oven is as old as the Hills!

I have no idea what Company this is from, but I know many firms make them. You will be more likely to see them at this time of year, as they are often sold as Christmas gifts, usually in Tartan cases for some reason. All I knpw is, this simple bag of Wheat really works, certainly on stiff necks etc. I would advise anyone to give it a try. You really have nothing to lose but the cost of a smalll gift, which can be classed as a stocking filler!

I am now on the lookout for another, because ours was allowed to get damp, and began sprouting! I suppose we should have just scrounged some replacement Wheat, but it went straight into the bin! Doh!

Thank you for reading this, I just hope SR allow it without a maker's name.