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Res Vante:Trans Resveratrol With Red Wine Complex

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Want to look younger? more vibrant, have more energy?

What is the Trans-Resveratrol Discovery?

Trans-resveratrol is the secret, age defying and health promoting

nutrient found within red wine. The recent discovery that concentrated

trans-resveratrol activates human genes responsible for longevity, survival and cardiovascular health has triggered worldwide research into this powerful health promoting substance.

What is ResVante?

ResVante is the first and only trans-resveratrol liquid RESERVE formulation with trans-resveratrol from the French wine country.

What makes ResVante Unique?

1) The Potency Factor

2) The Nutrient Delivery Factor

3) The Safety Factor

4) The RESERVE Factor

Trans-resveratrol is naturally found in red wine at very low concentration.The amount of red wine needed to obtain a meaningful level of trans-resveratrol vastly exceeds the amount of wine that would even be healthy to drink.

ResVante contains 99% ultra pure, trans-resveratrol formulated at a clinically effective and potent concentration.

ResVante also provides a specialized phytonutrient and proprietary red wine complex designed to enhance trans-resveratrol benefits in

the body, supporting cardiovascular and neurologic health.

Health Features and Benefits:

• High-potency rejuvenation compound that supports healthy aging

• Potent antioxidant that supports cardiovascular and neurologic health

• Promotes healthy mitochondrial biogenesis (cell replication) and function

• Supports a healthy weight

• Promotes sustained muscle function

• Supports energy and stamina

• Promotes immune system support

• The benefits of red wine without the alcohol

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Only ResVante delivers ultra pure trans-resveratrol from the French wine country in an activated liquid design with synergistic cofactors and a proprietary red wine extract complex (RWEC).

ResVante is glass packed and nitrogen flushed for maximum protection and freshness.

Most resveratrol used in other nutritional products is of low quality and imported from questionable locations where quality and

human rights are not a priority.

• ResVante has trans-resveratrol that is sourced from the French wine country

• ResVante provides 99% ultra pure trans-resveratrol, free from pesticides and other contaminants.

• Comprehensive pesticide, herbicide, heavy metal and microbial testing is performed on all ResVante phytonutrient ingredients.

• ResVante is manufactured in the USA at Eniva Nutraceutics state-of-the-art FDA inspected facility under strict government

NOTE: This is not a juice.....It comes in a red wine looking bottle containing very concentrated ingredients, You only take 1 ounce a day.

Resvante has made me feel more energized and more confident of myself because I feel younger and look younger. I am in my 30's and people say I look like a teenger woooo!! ;-)