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Retainer Brite

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For anyone who owns retainers, it can be quite a hassle keeping them clean. You are supposed to remove them for every meal, put them back in, rinse them, etc. My wife just got a set after having her braces removed and it was a pain to keep those suckers clean and not smelling like every meal you've ever eaten.

However, she found out about a product online called Retainer Brite. And it is like magic in a pill! Retainer Brite works for any type of retainer as you can see from the pictures. My wife has the invisiline type. You can barely tell she's wearing them. You can even use Retainer Brite on mouth guards, night guards and those splints people use when they have TMJ. that's pretty versatile!

How this stuff works is you have to drop one of their pills into warm water. You can use any container or their special case. The water turns blue. One it becomes clear (about 20 minutes), your retainers are clean and minty fresh. All you have to do is rinse and you are good to go!The color feature is great for teens with retainers because you'll know for sure your Retainer Brite is done working.

Retainer Brite seems to do a good job of keeping the germs and bacteria away with those magic pills. And you can't beat 3 months worth for $13.