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Retin A Is Not A Fountain Of Youth

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A few years ago, I developed adult acne. Just what a girl needs as she's aging, to deal with pimples again. That's a real boost to the self-esteem.

My problems were different than what I had as a teenager. I tried using over the counter acne products, but they didn't clear it up. After months of waiting for it to go away, I finally saw a dermatologist.

My doctor diagnosed it as adult acne, which was what I already had figured out. He recommended Retin-A. I had only heard about this in terms of reducing wrinkles, so this other use was a surprise to me. I left his office feeling quite optimistic. Not only was my acne going to go away, I was going to look younger too!

My entusiasm waned a little as I waited for this miracle drug to start working. I wanted clear skin and I wanted it NOW, but it doesn't happen that way. It also doesn't make you look 20 again. Darn.

Over several weeks, I used the Retin-A as directed. I had a big problem with dry skin that almost felt like a sunburn. The skin would be flaky for days, which I then discovered is where the younger looking skin comes in. Dead skin off, new skin shows. Simple, right? Not exactly.

Because I had some reaction to the medication, I had to cut way back on my use. I'd use it every other day and see if that helped. It was better, but still too much dry flaky skin that you can't hide. Then I went to every 3 days and that helped. Now, I know not to use it more than a couple of times a week and it's best if I put moisturizer on under it.

All in all, the Retin-A did help my face. The adult acne went away and for that I'm very thankful. However, I don't look 20. Or 30, or even 40. This is not a miracle drug and if you think it is, you're likely to be disappointed.