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Retractable Dog Leash

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I bought the 16 Feet Flexi Retractable leash 2 months ago. It does it's purpose. It comes in a veriaty of colors (I purchased the blue). My dog was always pulling on the regular leashes to get to places that were farther away then his leash would let him go. With this leash he is able to have a bit more freedom on our walks but still be under my control and supervision. The retractable leash has a stop/break button to stop the dog if he starts to chase after something or go somewhere where he does not belong. It also has a switch to flip to only allow him to go so far. Say 8 feet rather then 16 feet. This feature comes in handy if you walk down a busy street and do not want your pet to dart out in front of a passing car.

If the chord gets wet, it is very easy to extend the leash to full length, lock the leash from retracting and lay out to let dry. After it is dry just slowly retract the leash back into the handle.

There is also a safety collar included to place around animals neck and attach to the leash incase the clip breaks or your dogs normal collar breaks. It is suppose to prevent the leash from flying back and hitting the owner in the face. This can be a hassle at times to take on and off, especially if you are just taking your animal out for a short while. I usually only use this feature if I am taking my dog for a walk.

There are a couple downfalls to the leash. One is since the cord is so long the dog could take off running and build up momentum and possibly pull you over or off your feet. Also the chord is somewhat thin. I tend to always keep an eye out for where my dog is at. Especially if he has stopped to smell something and comes running up behind me. The chord is thin enough it could leave a severe burn if wrapped around legs or arms. There is a warning on the leash it's self against wrapping the chord around limbs and a warning for amputation if wrapped around fingers.