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Return Of The Guardian King By Karen Hancock

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Concluding an excellent series where each consequent book is better than the previous one must be a challenging task for the author. Karen Hancock accomplishes that brilliantly with "Return of the Guardian-King, " book 4 of her award-winning Christian fantasy series. Yes, Abramm Kalladorne, king of Kiriath, overthrown and exiled in book 3, returns. That is all I can tell you regarding the plot, I'm afraid. Telling more would ruin all the wonderful twists and surprises this book is packed with; that would be unforgivable. I will just say that the series fans will not be disappointed. The story is continued and wrapped up in a very satisfying manner, with all the ends tied in together, foreshadowings brought fourth and their meaning revealed. Abramm, Madeline, Trap, and all other beloved characters shine. New characters enter as well, fresh and well-rounded.

Many readers have called this book the best one of the four. I'm not sure whether I agree or not, simply because they are all excellent. I just stand amazed, in awe of Karen Hancock's talent.