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Reusable Envelopes To Get You Organized

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In my house I am known as the Coupon Queen. I started using coupons long before there were sites all over the Internet telling you how to do it, and I save on average about $60.00 per week with them. The key to saving with coupons is all in the organization. After all, you can't use them if you can't find them. To keep me organized, one of the best tools I have found are Reusable Envelopes from Docit.

Unlike paper envelopes, reusable envelopes are a plastic material that is both tear and water-resistant. They come in a 6 and 10- inch size for small items, and a side-open and top-open larger size that can hold documents up to 8.5 x 11. They are available in purple, yellow, blue and green colors and have a fold-over flap that closes with a string. They have a lifetime guarantee, although for the 69 cents that they cost, I can't say I would go through the effort to try to collect on that.

The size I use is the 10-inch, although the 6- inch would work too, but I like the extra space I get with the larger one, plus it fits nicely in the child seat of the wagon without falling through. Unlike paper envelopes, I can see inside these so I know what's in them. Another nice feature is that the top closes when not in use so my coupons stay in and don't fall out all over the place. In addition to using them for coupons, I also take one along with me on vacation so I have a place to put all the receipts we get along the way, and I can track our spending. I usually carry a binder with me on trips for scrapbook memories and this fits nicely in the pocket, but it could slide easily into a suitcase or carry-on as well.

Each week I go through the ads to see what is on sale, sort my coupons and compare them to the ads. I usually go to two grocery stores, as well as drug and discount stores so to keep everything organized, I have a separate reusable envelope in a different color for each store I visit most often. As I find the coupons I want to use, I slide them into the envelope and sometimes include the ad, as well, along with my shopping list for that store. When I get to the store, I simply take the envelope for that store and I have everything I need ready to go.

Over the years I have tried folders, envelopes, boxes and various other kinds of coupon organizers but this is the best method I have found. Besides using them for coupons, they are also perfect for organizing pictures, scrapbook supplies and many other items.