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Reusable Grocery Bags Great If I Remember Them

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I have at last a dozen of these reusable grocery bags and they are made of a number of different types of materials but the Farm Boy bags are my favorite. At just .99 cents a bag, these cloth material, densely weaved bags are not only sturdy and well made, but they are large enough to carry a very hefty amount of groceries. However, that's not the only thing I use them for.

I am a library junky and I tend to take out numerous books at a time. The library I go to most often has no limit on the number of books you can take out which in my case is dangerous. I've been known to have upwards of 40 to 50 books out at any one time and unless I keep tabs on the due dates, I can and have incurred some very nice fines. I've jokingly referred to some of my heftier ones as my 'contribution to the new library wing being built in honor of me!' I've been much more diligent about the due dates since implementing a reminder program on my computer that bugs me, literally, when the books are due and as long as I always remember to annotate the due dates as I take the books out, I can operate with very little deficit in the fines area, of which I am very proud to say.

These particular bags are black, of course, what other shade, color or hue do I care about! They have a thick sturdy cardboard which lies on the bottom to keep them open and I've packed them with numerous books over the months and yes, I've actually even used them for groceries, particularly when I visit one store where you pay 5 cents for every plastic bag otherwise you walk out of the store with all your groceries piled into a grocery cart or you struggle to take them to the car in your arms. Not fun and well, frankly, not bringing your own bags and not buying your bags just seems to make you look awfully stingy.

Of course, these bags are used far more as my library totes than for groceries only because I keep forgetting to either take them when I go shopping or I don't bother to return them to the trunk of the car so that I always have some on hand. You'd think with the number of such bags I have, I'd actually have one or two in the car but even when they are in the trunk, do I remember to take them into the store with me? Usually not.

But, these come in handy all the same and I haven't regretted spending the money on them because they are far more durable than any plastic bag, and we all know how frustrating a plastic bag ripping while carrying groceries (eggs in particular) can be! With these bags I've never had to worry about losing my groceries, books or any items I've ever carried in them. The handles are sewn on very well and unlike the cheaper ones which are only cheap in the sense of how they are made as they cost the same price, with the Farmboy bags I know I'm getting quality for my money because so far I've had these particular bags in heavy use for almost a year and none of them have shown even the slightest bit of wear yet. Believe me when I say that these particular bags easily carry 10 lbs worth of books or more at a time when I actually do visit the library. Sad isn't it.

Excellent way to save money, save the environment and even save your pride...if you happen to find yourself with a plastic bag spilled all over the ground some day you'll quickly want to hunt these bags down because you'll never have to worry about food (books or what have you) not making it home again safely.You will however want to ensure that your strong enough to haul everything these bags will gladly allow you to. Honestly, they are really that tough!