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Revere Ware 1 Gallon Steamer Canner Useful

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Revere steamer with basket removed

There is a lot of vintage Revere Ware that is still available if you look for it because it just never wears out. This steamer pot is an unusual size and shape, so may be harder to find than some other cookware, but for certain things it is very handy.

This pot is tall and thin. The base is just over 6 inches in diameter, and it is 9 inches tall. There is an internal “basket” which is just a perforated bottom with a steel-strapping handle and rail. This holds a jar, or asparagus, upright. There are two tab handles at the top, one on each side, and the lid has a knob handle.

I received this pot as a wedding gift. At the time, I wasn’t too thrilled, because it was labeled as an asparagus steamer, and I’m not a big fan of pots/ appliances that only do one thing. But I quickly learned that you could process one canning jar, up to a quart in size, in it at a time. If you are going to do some serious canning this is silly. If you want to try an experiment with some fruit or vegetable, which I seem to have done a fair amount of over the years, this pot is perfect.

If you put a quart jar in it, you do have to be careful when removing it, after processing. You have to tip the basket a little more than I would like to pull out the jar, which can affect how it seals. But if you pay attention, there is a spot where the jar will come out, without tipping the contents too much.

I have also steamed asparagus in it. If you cut the asparagus, you should just use a regular basket steamer. The point of this pot is that you can keep the stalks long so they look fancier. In my experience, you have to be sure you stop the cooking before the spears get soft or they will just flop over the rail. I prefer my asparagus that way now, but when we were young, the hubby liked it softer, so that never worked well.

You can also cook a couple of ears of corn in it. The shape of the pot will hold them vertical.

The fuller the basket is, the better the vegetables will be held, so they don't slip to the bottom of the pot.

This is genuine Revere Ware with heavy stainless steel and a real copper bottom. The new stuff which bears the same name just can’t compare. The lid and handles are decorated with beautiful cobalt-blue seahorses. This makes no difference to the cooking, but it’s pretty.

I don’t keep this pot near the front of my cupboard, because I don’t use it regularly. But over the years since 1968, when I received it, I have to say that I’ve used it some almost every year, and for some uses there was no other pan I owned that would have worked as well.