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Review : Cross Rolling Ball Ink Refills

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We go through a lot of pens at my house. They seem to disappear right along with the small board game pieces which are continually taken by "not me." This will explain why I guard my Cross Selectip Rollerball Pen so carefully. I keep it in a zippered section and selfishly never lend it out. That way I know it will be right where I left it the next time I need it.

Why go to such drastic steps? Well I'll admit it, I love my cross pen! I love the feel of the pen, the smoothness of the ink flow and I even love the looks of the pen! I use my cross pen for everything and therefore, need to purchase ink refills. With the cheaper pens, I would just toss the pen away but with not with a Cross pen! First off, the price of the pen alone would make one use ink refills and more importantly, I want to continue using it.

Buying and Using Cross Rolling Ball Ink Refills

When refilling a Cross Selectip Rollerball Pen you need to use Cross Rolling Ball Ink Refills. You can't substitute other cheaper brands and get the same quality ink. Besides, we are talking around $3 per refill not $30.

The great thing about these pens is they can be refilled with any of the different Cross Rolling Ball Ink Refills which includes a document (highlighter) option. This is a great option but I always end up getting either black or blue. The ink is in gel form and comes out very smooth, with no thick or thin areas.

I buy the two pack of the Cross Rolling Ball Ink Refills as they cost less than buying them as singles and that way I always have one on hand. I have gotten the two pack for as low as $3.50 on sale but normally they run between $5-$7, depending on where you purchase them. They can easily found online or at your local office supply store.