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Review: Lush Temptation Soap

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By mellaview on
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Lush Temptation is a soap that has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. However usually when I order from Lush, I make sure I have enough money for one large supply every so often, seeing that we don't have a Lush store nearby. Unfortunates like me have no choice but to order online, and pay a ridiculous shipping fee!

Anyhow, Lush's Temptation Soap was inspired by the story of Adam and Eve. Lush states though that seeing that the bible never flat out said the forbidden fruit was officially an apple, they took it apon themselves to add in the scents of apple and oranges to create Temptation Soap.

The soap smells just like that in the shower. As soon as hot water hits the soap, the lovely summertime scet of apples fills the bathroom, and shortly after that a much stronger scent hits your nostrils, and that scent is a spicy orange. More like a burnt cinnamon ornage scent though, than a refreshing citrusy scent of orange.

All in all though, the soap is fantastic. The scent is very overpowering in the shower, and once I was out of the shower and dry, the spicy orange smell stood with me for a few hours afterward.

The only downside is that it did leave my skin feeling a little parched, so those of you whom have dry skin, you may want to avoid Temptations... even though it is very, very tempting!

You can find Temptation soap at any local Lush store, or at Lush.com.

The soap may look like a plain bar of glycerine based soap, but looks can be decieveing, because this soap packs some gorgeous fruity fragrance!