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Review Of Apple's 60 Gb Video I Pod

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By astra on
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This iPod is actually the second iPod I have ever owned. I have been pleasantly surprised with the improved features of the Video iPod over my original iPod, the first iPod ever released by Apple. My first iPod broke down in about half a year, however, the video iPod is still working perfectly for me. I attribute this to the purchase of a very sturdy rubber case for the iPod. It seems that durability is an issue for iPods so I would reccomend a good case for anyone who owns one!

The best thing about this iPod is the amount of songs it can hold. Even with hundreds of songs loaded onto it, my library hasn't even made a scratch in the iPod's huge 60 gigabytes. The iPod is also very easy to use, after you get used to the navigational wheel and the software. However, I have marked the iPod down because I cannot figure out how to add video to the iPod. Nevertheless, I did not purchase the iPod to look at videos. I see it primarily as an mp3 player. I hope Apple addresses the ease of use issue in regards to adding videos in their next generation version of the video iPod. I've also given this iPod low marks for the terrible headphones included with it. It is also rather large.

I'd reccomend the video iPod to people who simply want to use it as an mp3 player, rather than to watch videos. It is very easy to use and works great. Purchasing a case and a nicer set of headphones will also greatly improve your exerperience with the iPod.