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Review Of Film The Fourth Kind

Reviewing: Gold Circle Films The Fourth Kind (Dvd)  |  Rating:
By kpinker2 on
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The Fourth Kind was a film that confused most of us, scared most of us and left a lot of us wondering how true what we watched actually was. In the start of the film, Mila Jovavich announces herself as an actress who will be playing the role of Abby Tyler, a women who was a renowned psychologist who experienced some contraversial exposure to "aliens". Yes I said it aliens.

This woman told her story of how she believed that herself and other members of a small town in Alaska called Nome, all experienced the same type of phenomenon. At first all of the patients in her study told her the same story of what they see when they are lying in bed at night. She begins to question what is really going on. It shows what it is supposed to be actual footage of her patients and herself experiencing graphic memories of abduction during recorded sessions. The material shown seemed to be the real thing but knowing what we can do with film and how we can manipulate it, it is very possible it could have been tampered with.

The images shown in the footage is highly disturbing and makes us question if in fact we ourselves believe in the possibility of aliens. The voices and actions of the patients during the sessions are horrific to say the least. They reminded me of something out of the exorcist. I am not going to lie, some parts of the movie made me jump with fear and I am sure it will do the same to a lot of viewers.

I don't want to give away all of the juicy details. I find it a richer film experience to watch a film with the basic idea about what happens and I am sure a lot of people feel the same. We all have those friends who tell us the end of a movie before we watch it. NOT FUN! The suspense and aprehension about what is going to happen is much more interesting than telling you about it. I would say that if you like suspense and films that you are not sure whether they are real or not, this is the one for you. The way it is laid out is very interesting and kept my attention the whole time. The use of screen angles and the mixture of the supposed real footage and the actors is genius. I would say this film is disturbing and scary, perfect for horror film buffs like me. I wasn't nearly as frightened as I initially thought I would be but it was definately worth the time it took to watch the film.

After watching it, what you believe is your choice, as stated by the actors in the beginning of the movie.